Ultimate BMAT Guide

Ultimate BMAT Guide




(including practice questions, the answers and the all new section 3 submission portal). 

Increasingly used by a number of universities across the UK, the BMAT requires a carefully planned revision schedule to encompass all three sections of the BMAT. Faltering in one of these sections could jeopardise the entire application.

Therefore, it is essential that you prepare for the BMAT; our Complete BMAT Guide will dissect the 3 sections of the test, with thorough explanation and background information on what to expect and how to deal with the problems posed, followed by highly realistic and accurate test questions.

The answers to these questions will also be provided, along with a thorough explanation and breakdown of the reasoning behind them.

If you invest in the Full Complete Package (see below), you will also be able to discuss these questions, and any other queries you may have, with one of our highly trained specialists via Whatsapp 24/7.