What To Wear At Your Medical Interview

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

For many candidates, the Medical School interview will be the first formal interview they have ever had. There will be concerns and questions about what to wear and how to dress, but rest assured, you do not need to spend hundreds or thousands on the latest designer clothing to make a lasting impression!

The overall look, for both men and women, should be a professional and smart look. Don’t forget, being a dentist means you are a healthcare professional, and so you must dress and act appropriately.

For men, we recommend a smart and tidy suit. Most candidates will opt for black or navy suits, and this is the general recommendation as it looks extremely smart and professional. Some applicants may choose to wear bolder and brighter colours, and if that is your personality, we recommend you own it with confidence! Either way, make sure your clothing is clean, fresh and ironed so that you look the part. Polishing your shoes the night before will not go unnoticed. A tie can be a subtle additional to the overall professionalism of the candidate, providing it is tied correctly and to a good length. Equally, a tidy hairstyle and tidied facial hair (whatever your facial hair preference) is extremely important.

For ladies, a suit is equally appropriate, with a professional skirt or suit trousers and blouse as required. Again, most candidates will choose to wear a neutral tone such as black or grey, maintaining the professional look. Hair should be well-groomed and tidy – whatever hairstyle you have, keep your hair out of your face so that the examiner can easily make eye contact and see your facial expressions! Make-up should be subtle and not lavishly done as though you are headed on a night out to the club!

Finally, don’t forget about your non-verbal communication during the interview. Whilst your clothing and attire may look professional, you need to ensure that your mannerisms and posture are also professional. Practice sitting in your interview attire and ensure it is comfortable to hold one position for 15-20 minutes (the average length of a traditional interview). You should sit upright in the chair, avoiding slouching or sitting back in the chair. Furthermore, keep your arms relaxed either on the table in front of you or gently in your lap. Remember to enjoy yourself and demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for medicine.

Good luck!

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Written by the BecomeAMedic Team

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