UK Medical Schools for Low UCAT Scores

Updated: Feb 26

If your UCAT score was less than 610, it may narrow your options for UK Medical Schools but certainly doesn’t mean you won’t be able to apply to medical school - you will simply need to tailor your university choices. This can be broken down simply into four categories:

  1. Medical schools that value the UCAT less than other criteria (such as your A Level grades or personal statement)

  2. Medical schools that use alternative admissions tests, such as the BMAT

  3. Medical schools that don’t require the UCAT

  4. Medical schools that are less competitive (often this applies to the comparatively newer universities)

Here’s a list of examples fitting into some of these categories that you may be able to consider as a starting point. Note that this list is not exhaustive, and subject to change from year to year. For the most up to date information, see our UCAT Section online.

University of Central Lancashire

The UCAT is not required whatsoever for entry to UCLan, so a low UCAT score will not impact your application here.

Cardiff University

Cardiff’s selection criteria for an interview is based on academic grades and the quality of your personal statement - the UCAT will only be taken into consideration in borderline cases, so this is a brilliant choice if your UCAT score is low but the rest of your application is strong.

Exeter University

Like Cardiff, Exeter University places less emphasis on UCAT scores compared to other selection criteria.

Keele University

Keele does look at UCAT scores, but their cut-off is comparatively low - only applicants scoring in the bottom 20% will be rejected based on UCAT.

Plymouth University Penninsula School of Medicine<