UK Medical Schools with Lower GCSE Grade Requirements

What to do if you have low GCSE Grades, but want to go to Medical School?

As GCSEs will be your first formal grading of relevance to medical schools, it can feel very disheartening if you didn’t get the grades you were hoping for - but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the end of the road. Here’s what to we recommend:

1. Check each university’s GCSE grade requirements

This information is all available on our website where we have compiled a list of al UK Medical Universities and their GCSE requirements (as of Spring 2020). GCSEs are not always heavily weighted in comparison to A Level grades and UCAT scores etc by medical schools, so firstly make a list of the places where you will be able to apply to - and make sure to take note of those you can’t. You may be surprised by the number of options still available to you.

There are several universities that place a lower emphasis on GCSE grades in sciences and maths. These include:

  • Anglia Ruskin University

  • University of Buckingham

  • Hull York Medical School

  • Plymouth University

Remember, scoring a B or above in these subjects may expand your options even more. Make sure that you check each and every university’s requirements! If it is not clear on their website, or if you have any mitigating circumstances - give them a phone. Most universities are more than happy to discuss grades over the phone. Do NOT apply to universities without checking this - you may end up with a preventable rejection pre-interview.

If it is sadly the case that you truly don’t meet the threshold, then remember that there are other ways to work in a medical field. Carefully consider alternative career paths, and also which