Are BMAT and UCAT books really helpful?

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

With so much UCAT and BMAT help and guidance available, it’s difficult to know where to start. Many books and crash courses claiming to have the “perfect” answer model to get full marks - but is that too good to be true?

Unfortunately, the answer seems to be that these textbooks are often more confusing and incorrect than they are useful.

1) (Some are) outdated

First and foremost, we must accept that whilst these revision guides and books have good intentions to help, many are now outdated and incorrect. The UCAT and BMAT change and update on an annual basis. Therefore, books and crash courses that are more than a year old are inevitably outdated and teaching wrong materials. If you are not up-to-date with the latest UCAT and BMAT exam styles and sections, we highly recommend you click on the respective links for a full in-depth analysis of each. The main benefit of an online-based revision pack, such as the ones you will find at Become A Medic, is that they are constantly updated, modified and improved. Year upon year, questions are added, sections are updated and the strategies to answer each question is revised in-line with the latest information release by the exam boards that year.

2) Practice

UCAT and BMAT revision books do undoubtedly provide us with a rich source of question banks. Hundreds and hundreds of questions can be found within the correct resources that can provide invaluable experience practicing and learning. We always remind you to be cautious, however. Within these vast expanses of questions, many incorrect answers and mistakes can be found. This is often confusing and very irritating, as it normally contradicts a key piece of teaching or technique that is required for that section. We normally recommend that you simply skip these incorrect questions and do not try to find meaning behind their mistake - it is a waste of your precious time which could be better spent learning the exam techniques and styles. That’s why Become A Medic specifically and very carefully selects each question in the UCAT and BMAT sections of our website to help you - each and every question has a specific learning point that we want you to take home. In addition to this, we provide lengthy and detailed explanations and justifications for each answer, so that when you see a similar question in the real test, you can answer with speed and confidence.

3) Conclusion

Ultimately, whilst these revision books can be useful, you must be careful of their outdated and often incorrect methods, and look to find updated and accurate information in other sources.


Written by the BecomeAMedic Team

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