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  • 23,710 applicants applied to study medicine for 2021 entry

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Programme Stages & Contents

Each stage of our Application Programme is supported by your own allocated educational consultant. Click below to find out how we support you at every stage of your application process, whether you are in Year 10, 11, 12 or 13. Most of our students join 2 years before applying, but we accept students until August of the application year - with great success.

Click on each topic to find out more about how we help, and what the Application Programme includes:

Initial Consultation

You and your parents will meet your allocated Educational Consultant who will explain our process and answer any questions that you have about our process. We will leave with a better understanding of what the programme entails, with a clear plan for how we are going to maximise your chances of receiving an offer.

Your Development Plan & Portal

As detailed above, you will work with your educational consultant to develop a plan taking you from the current day to the day you receive an offer. You will have an idea of what will be required every month, with all the necessary resources and information in one place. This is an easy point of access for pupils, parents and your mentors - all from one place, unique to you and is fully confidential.

Work Experience

Your Mentor will show you how to arrange work experience in General Practice, Hospital, Care Home & Virtual settings. This will help ensure you have enough work experience to confirm your desire to pursue a medical career. They will be able to provide information on what is "enough" work experience, and whether you will be able to pass through the application process.

Personal Statement

By working through our Personal Statement Guide you will develop an initial draft of your personal statement. - Full Unlimited Personal Statement Writing Service (worth £299) Your mentor will then review & edit your personal statement an unlimited number of times to help develop the perfect medical personal statement that is ready to submit. They have previously helped review personal statements for universities and so know exactly what is required to help stand out and excel.


We have over 10 years experience in UCAT & BMAT preparation. All of our mentors scored in the top percentile of both exams - they know what is required to excel in these exams. In addition to your mentor's constant support & guidance, you will have access to: - UCAT One Day Online Course - run by our most experienced mentors, it covers all five sections of the exam, with tips, tricks & advanced techniques. (worth £199) - Online Mock UCAT Exam - we have developed the most accurate and realistic mock exam that mimics the 2020 mock exam. (worth £99) - BMAT One Day Online Course - run by our most experienced mentors, it covers all three sections of the BMAT updated for 2021/22 entry. (worth £199) - The Complete BMAT Guide - Tips, tricks & content that covers all three sections, with practice questions, their answers & explanations (worth £299) - BMAT Essay Marking Portal - you can submit all of your BMAT essays that you write in practice, one of our experienced BMAT markers will return it marked with a grade reflective of the actual exam within 48 hours. All of the above is included as part of the Application Support Programme.

University Guidance

Struggling to decide which university to apply for? - UK Medical University Guide 2021/22 (worth £299) We have a guide updated for 2021/2022 applications that covers every UK medical university, with access to grade requirements, student information, and more importantly, previous interview questions. Your mentor will help with your decision making process. They will help choose your four universities, by providing you with all of the latest information and guidance to support your decision.


Your mentor will provide you with all the resources & guidance that you need to tackle and prepare for all of your interviews. In addition to this, you will have full access to: - 200+ Question Interview Guide (2022 entry) - written by doctors - 2 Full Mock Interviews - tailored to your university of choice, with comprehensive feedback Normally £450

24/7 Support

Your Educational Consultat is always a qualified junior doctor who has been supporting applications for over 10 years. They will be on hand 24/7 via Whatsapp to provide guidance, support & answer any of your (or your parents) questions.

Personalised & Tailored Revision Plan

Your assigned Educational Consultant will help develop your personalised unique revision plan, covering everything you need to complete for your application.

They will be on hand 24/7 to support your application and answer any questions that you might have on a 1-1 basis. 

It serves as the central point for pupils, parents and mentors. 

Personalised Revision Timetable Medicine Application

We are passionate about providing personal support for every applicant who needs it.

If you would like guidance to help you answer your questions, contact our in-house medical admissions consultants to talk them through:

+44(0)203 488 5468 or email us on: info@becomeamedic.co.uk


Jayden Medical Student Testimonial

"I joined the Application Programme from Become A Medic, and it honestly revolutionised my UCAS experience. I had all the materials for applications there, and having access to my own personal admissions consultant via Whatsapp helped so much!"


Medical Student



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