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There are three main reasons that make us special:


24/7  of 1-1 access via Whatsapp to a Doctor (Mentor) for the entire application process, they will guide you throughout


All content is written by qualified doctors, updated for 2022/23 & includes a COVID-19 guide containing a 200+ question interview bank.

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Each stage of our Application Programme is supported by your own allocated educational consultant. Whether you are in Year 10, 11, 12 or 13, a graduate student or international student. Most of our students join 2 years before applying, but we accept students until August of the application year - with great success.

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"I joined the Application Programme from Become A Medic, and it honestly revolutionised my UCAS experience. I had all the materials for applications there, and having access to my own personal admissions consultant via Whatsapp helped so much!"


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How might COVID-19 affect my application?

The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to have affected your work experience, volunteering, examinations and is most likely going to form the basis of much of the "current affairs" asked at Interview.


As well as an entire COVID-19 interview question bank, we have a wealth of constantly updated information and guidance on COVID-19.

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